Are You Sure You Want to Wear THOSE Lenses?

Limiting beliefs can create a false vision of what is true;

The Limiting Belief

In the old days before I had done a boat load of healing work, I had a belief that there would never be enough, enough money, enough people in my life, enough opportunity, enough love etc.

What the Limiting Belief Creates

So I walked around with this “lens” or “filter” through which I saw life;

Think about wearing sunglasses with a bright yellow lens and imagine seeing the world through this tint. The Sky does not appear to be blue, the grass does not look green, and everything you look at is impacted visually by these yellow lenses. A limiting belief gives you false perceptions like the yellow lens. When I “believed” there was not and would not be enough, I behaved in ways that created what felt like lack to me. It always seemed there was not enough.

When You Re frame the Limiting Beliefs

When I took the time to work on creating awareness of those limiting beliefs and to release through tapping  the energetic disturbance associated with those beliefs,  I was able to re frame them and ultimately release them.  The new beliefs in my mind became more rational like “why would there not be abundance for me” and “I deserve abundance as much as the next person” and “just because someone gave me that old message, does not mean I have to keep it and live by it.


Once I transformed what was false, unkind and simply untrue in my mind to statements that are accurate, loving and grounded in reality, my relationships and work began to flow and align with my life purpose and with what brings me joy and love.

I now see the world through Rose color glasses! What about you?

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