Coaching with Judith Levy

JL Coaching Model: Release and Expand!

A Transformational Approach; Become the Highest Version of yourself

     We often have experiences that lead to our having self limiting beliefs or fears. We can become unable to move forward in our work, relationship or in becoming who we want to be. We feel stuck! These feelings can become embedded in our energy bodies, our thoughts, emotions and behavior in a way that causes contraction—and has a limiting effect with regard to our accomplishments. Releasing these ingrained thoughts, beliefs and emotions through the coaching process can give us hope and allow us to expand into our life’s journey, making room for internal growth and infinite possibilities.

Laying Foundation: During this phase of the coaching relationship with me and at the beginning of every coaching session there is the practice of conscious presence; letting go of everything outside the coaching space. You and I will build trust and rapport as well as create an agreement based on where you are now and where (who) you want to be.

     You and I work as a team in creating awareness throughout this coaching process. You the client lead the way while being supported in a nonjudgmental space held for you in session, allowing you to shift perspectives and release what is no longer serving you. In the coaching process the belief is that you the client truly do have every answer you need within your mind/body/soul. The more obstacles to success you release, the more room there is for forward movement—Expansion!!

Contact me today to set up a complimentary Coaching Strategy session. In this session we will look at your desires, intentions and goals. And how Coaching can help you expand fully on your life’s path.

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