What are Energy Modalities and How do They Work?

Albert Gyorgyi won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for the synthesis of Vitamin C. He said that all healing was done by moving energy. The energy in our body in many cultures is referred to as Life Force Energy or Chi. This energy is what allows our heart to beat, our lungs to move and of course without it, we could not be alive. Life force is impacted by thoughts, emotions, significant physical events, life style and more.  Today I wanted to talk with you about what Energy Modalities are and generally how they can effect our energy bodies as well as why you may want to incorporate them on your healing journey.

When we experience an event that is extremely stressful and jarring to us, this event may cause us to be stuck or frozen in time such that we can’t move past it. This experience can impact our work, our relationships and how we feel about ourselves; We may begin to think negative thoughts and feel angry, fearful, confused and stuck. Our life force then can become disrupted. Think of this as rocks in stream or a kink in hose. Without a balanced flow of energy through the energy systems, we can feel like we just can’t move forward and our ability to function well in life and relationships are diminished. The Association of Energy Psychology  says this; Energy psychology theory suggests that psychological problems are a reflection of disturbed bio-energetic patterns within the mind-body system—a system that involves complex communication between a person’s neurobiology and their cognitive-behavioral-emotional patterns.

There are numerous Energy Modalities that many believe are effective in returning the energy pathways to a clear, balanced state “moving the disturbed energy” and releasing it.

In my own healing journey, I discovered that with a “talking only therapy” I was not able to release from my energy bodies what was still holding me back. My experience was that once I addressed the energetic aspect of my negative state by using Energy Modalities, I was free from the past; free to be who I truly came here to be. My experience was so profound that I got certified in every energy modality that helped me.

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