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Energy Modalities

A Blended Approach to Help You Move Foward on Your Journey

Transformational Coaching

Are you feeling stuck, limited or fearful? Judith Levy M.Ed, CEHP, PCC utilizes a unique blended approach to Transformational Coaching that  can help you change not only what you do but also provide the opportunity to become empowered,  whole and aligned with the person you want to be.

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Energy Modalities

What Others are Saying

“The best part of my experience coaching with you was being encouraged to peel off the layers and take a deeper look at myself. You were firm in a loving way which allowed me to take a clear look at myself. You mentioned in our first session that you “work fast!” I laughed, but you were right! Your strength rubbed off on me and gave me confidence! I have made some significant changes in my life including taking better care of myself. These changes have been effective and sustainable!”

– CB, British Columbia

“Transformative, that is the only way I can describe the effect your Coaching and Energy Work have had on my life. Years of self destructive behavior had seriously and negatively impacted my health as well as my relationships. Your strong and compassionate guidance along with your amazing skills, have enabled me to develop the tools that I need to lead a healthy, happy and successful life. When I first met you, you assured me that I could love myself and now I know this to be true as I do! I also trust that I will continue to succeed. I am pretty amazed at my progress in a relatively short time…Thank you Judith.”

– Carol Bloom, Pittsburgh, PA

“Unbelievable!!! Having been frozen in fear to do the very thing I love most—that’s where I was when I came to session with you. Hard to believe in such a short time, no problemo!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get back on my game”.

– JB, Pittsburgh