Transformational Coaching

Young woman using her tablet computer while relaxing outdoors inWelcome!

Transformational Coaching is about the possibility for:

  • Making what feels impossible, possible
  • Moving your life from just doing to BEING
  • Becoming aligned with your life purpose
  • Changing unworthy or undeserving to deserving
  • Releasing fear and expanding your life, business or relationship
  • Creating partnerships that are comfortable and fulfilling
  • Turning “trapped” into choice
  • Growing Spiritually
  • Becoming your authentic self

Transformational Coaching offers a way for you to become empowered when old stories, beliefs and habits, that you may or may not be aware of, keep you feeling overwhelmed, frightened, powerless and stuck. This shift can be approached in a more easeful way than perhaps you may have tried before. With transformational coaching, you and Judith can discover root causes of these stuck points in the present moment creating the ability to move forward. Living a life BEING WHO you truly are is possible.

Q. What is Transformational Coaching?

A. Coaching is a relatively new field and is growing fast. It is spotlighted on Oprah and CNN and written about in popular publications.
The International Coach Federation  defines coaching this way:
“Professional coaching  provides  an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches help people improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives.”
As your Transformational Coach, Judith will use her expertise to help you and support you to navigate a path of awareness, change, taking actions and accomplishing your intentions and desires.

The coaching process includes setting intentions / goals/ desires, creating awareness, planning and carrying out actions that lead to powerful changes in your life, relationships or business.

Transformational Coaching again, is designed to  add a  deeper layer of looking at the root of stuck points in the present moment which can lead to sustainable results—
TC can help you change not only what you do but who you want to become
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Q. What Coaching is not?

  • Coaching is not Consulting: In coaching you are the specialist and the belief is that you already have all the answers. Judith as your coach will help and guide you to finding them
  • Coaching is not Mentoring: Your coach does not take the stance as one who is more knowledgeably but rather assist you in finding your own knowing
  • Coaching is not Therapy: In Coaching the focus is not on dysfunction or the past. The focus is on the present and going forward, while you receive support to focus on your wins.

Q. Are you Coachable?

A. Coaching is not for ever one. The following are some characteristics of my coaching clients—They:

  • Truly want to work at getting to know how great they are.
  • Are eager to take actions that will move them forward.
  • Want to rid themselves of old stories and create new possibilities.
  • Take responsibility for their life and their decisions.
  • Commit to the Coaching process and get a charge out of growing.
  • Are willing to be honest with self and grow in awareness of what has held them back.
  • Sees fear and other obstacles as good thing—Overcoming them can only be great!

Q. Why Work with Judith Levy as Your Transformational Coach?

A. Judith Levy has trained in a renowned leading International Coaching Program. Additionally she brings her well developed intuition giving her the ability to intuit what may be hindering your forward progress. Judith is also an expert in using, when appropriate for the client, energy modalities to help you clear what is no longer serving you including obstacles such as limiting beliefs, internal stories and energetic disturbance associated with stuck points. This blended approach is efficient and powerful. And Judith Levy has accomplished remarkable and sustainable goals on her journey to her now awesome life. Click here to learn more about Meridian TappingCellular Expansion and Reiki.

Side view portrait of a smiling casual young man relaxing at the beachQ. How Many Coaching Sessions will you need?

A. That is entirely up to you! How great do you want your life to be? Some of us have one or two goals/desires/ intentions that if met would be satisfying for at least a bit. Others desire continual growth and expansion and want to consistently move forward in life. The ultimate goal of coaching is for you to be empowered to a degree that you can work the process of forward movement on your own, with all the tools needed to do so.
A minimum of 12 Coaching sessions is recommended to start so you can see the benefits of coaching and the progress you can make with your coach.

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Q. Are Sessions Available on Skype™?

A. Yes! Skype™ and phone sessions work beautifully for coaching—some coaches do only phone sessions for the following reasons:

  • Being on the phone eliminates distractions that can be present when working in person. This allows us to be more internal and focused.
  • Even if you need to be out of town, we can meet on my conference line.
  • Some clients feel more comfortable on the phone or on Skype™.
  • You need only commit to 1.5 hours eliminating travel time to and from my office.

Judith offers in person sessions in her beautiful office in SqHill;

Skype™, phone or in office sessions– The choice is yours!

 Let’s together, create the highest version of yourself. Contact me now….