Energy Modalities

Letting Go of Resentments

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”  – Nelson Mandela What is a resentment and how does it get activated? When a person acts towards us in a way that hurts us, our mind often creates a story that attaches thoughts and meanings about the actors behavior that ends …

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Limiting Beliefs VS. Choice and Empowerment

There is so much possibility beyond your limiting beliefs!   One major difference between reality and a limiting belief is that one is true and one is not. In reality you have two arms, two legs and a head on your shoulders. What is not true is the belief that you are not enough, that …

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What are Energy Modalities and How do They Work?

Albert Gyorgyi won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for the synthesis of Vitamin C. He said that all healing was done by moving energy. The energy in our body in many cultures is referred to as Life Force Energy or Chi. This energy is what allows our heart to beat, our lungs to move and …

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