Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

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  • Do you experience performance problems such as speaking in public?
  • Are you experiencing fear that holds you back in your work or social life?
  • Do you lack confidence in your work?
  • Do you have habits or cravings or urges that you want to release or change?
  • Are you stuck because of problems or experiences from the past?
  • Need help releasing energetic disturbance associated with pain?

When we have life experiences that impact us at a deep level, these experiences get embedded in the body as well as the brain. We can think of this as a stuck place or a place that will remain problematic until we address it with the intention of healing it. Some examples include early childhood abuse, having a frightening fall off of a horse, being a passenger in a car accident, failing tests as a youngster and being told you do so because you are stupid.

CRM utilizes nuerophysiological capsules associated with physical pain, emotional stuck points, the tendency to depolarize and feel disconnected.  Along with the bodies ability to know, scan and heal itself, CRM potential outcomes  are indicating that the use of CRM can be effective in dissolving these neurophysiological capsules (energetic disturbance).

Q. What is CRM and How Does it Heal?

A. CRM  is a powerful, focused method of promoting growth and personal transformation. It is based upon the profound attunement of the practitioner and the individual seeking change. This attunement supports the individual in identifying somatic cues associated with some disturbance in functioning.  Once the somatic cues are identified the individual is led to discover a focal eye position that accesses neural pathways associated with this disturbance.  The process of attending to this eye position, the somatic cues, and the resulting cognitions, emotions and somatic sensations is believed to facilitate neurophysiological changes that clear the disturbance.

Q. When is CRM a Good Choice for me?

A. CRM has been shown to be helpful with:

  • Performance Issues
  • Moving beyond disturbance associated with an event from the past
  • Achieving goals that were previously unattainable
  • Creating feelings of safety
  • Strengthening internal resources that you may have not been in touch with
  • Having the ability to trust self when making decisions

Q. What Happens in a  CRM Session?

A. Judith, a Certified Energy Health Practitioner & CRM  Practitioner  will ask questions to help you determine what you want to work on. She will help you locate where in your body you feel the disturbance of that problem. In a Brainspotting® session, you’ll sit comfortably on a chair with headphones on and Judith will help you find the eye position that correlates with the “spot” or neurophysiological capsule that “holds” that energetic disturbance. Your body/mind has the innate ability to process what needs to be released.

Q. Where do I go for a CRM Session?

A. In Pittsurgh, you can schedule an appointment with Judith Levy at her office in in Sq Hill.  A typical CRM session takes approximately 60 minutes.

Q. How many CRM sessions will I need?

A. The number of sessions, of course, depends upon the severity and the complexity of your problem. Judith has had clients report needing only 2-4 sessions before they feel they have accomplished their goal in session. At times, clients keep working as they uncover deeper or more aspects of their experience that they want to work on. The client is welcome to do as little or as much work on their path that feels right to them.

Q. What Does a CRM Session Cost?

A. CRM is an affordable technique, purchased as an individual session or in money-saving packages Click here for rates.

Q. Why Choose Judith Levy as my CRM practitioner?

A. Judith believes we have an innate ability to heal and she is excellent at holding a space of love and safety for her clients to do so. Judith Levy has been thorough in her commitment to training. She is a CRM Practitioner and trained with the creator of CRM, Lisa Schwarz.  Judith is also a Certified Energy Health Practitioner through The Association of Comprehensive Psychology,  an international organization.  Judith is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Teacher, having trained under multiple Reiki Masters including Senior Reiki Teacher William Rand at the International Center for Reiki training. Because Judith has achieved training in multiple energy modalities, you can receive the benefit of all of these modalities, as well as multiple Coach trainings, combined in one session. Her broad base of experience, and her profound personal journey, gives Judith thorough knowledge of CRM techniques as well as an exceptional understanding of the body’s energy matrix. You can count on her deep understanding, her compassion, and her strong intuitive sense to help you bring positive results to transform your life.

Contact Judith Levy for an appointment today.

Please note: Although she has had  extensive training and experience in the healing arts and has advanced degrees, she is not a licensed psychologist, physician or licensed Social Worker.